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2015 Pensgalore Holiday Gift Guide


Start your holiday shopping with our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide!

In the photo: (click to go to the product page)

1) Kuretake Gansai Tambi 12 color

2) Bakers Twine 50m 

3) Leather Pen Case

4) Holbein Artists Watercolor Set of 18 Colors

5) Pilot Parallel Calligraphy Pen - 1.5 mm

6) Filed Pen Wrapper

7) Pilot Petit3 Mini Fude Brush Pen

8) Pentel Fude Touch Sign Pen

9) Kuretake Irotoridori Fine - Green

10) Akashiya Brush Pen Koto

11) Raymay Pencut Scissors - Green

12) Monami Plus Pen S Neon Green

13) NT Cutter Green Knife

14) Cocoiro Body Kiwi

15) Cocoiro Japanese Edition - Red

16) Cocoiro Pattern #27 Yellow Green

17) Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen Brush

18) Kuretake Fudebiyori Metallic Green

METALLIC MADNESS - love writing on black paper? these metallic watercolor, inks, and brush pens are perfect for writing your gift cards, gift tags, and notes to your friends and loved ones. 

In this photo: (click to go to the product page)

1) Kuretake Calligraphy Ink - 60 ml - Silver

2) Finetec Refill Pots

3) Yasutomo Sumi-e Watercolor Refill

4) Kuretake Fudebiyori Metallic Brush Pens

5) Kuretake Metallic Brush Pen Gold

6) Black Paper Mini Notebook 4x6

7) Moon Palace Gold Ink 60 ml

8) Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen Metallic Markers 1.5mm

9) Eiffel Tower Scissors

INKTASTIC! - are you into Pointed Pen Calligraphy? These inks are the most recommended ones to use with your favorite nibs! Check out the yummy vermillion ink!

In this photo: (click to go to the product page)

1) Daniel Smith Walnut Ink 2 oz

2) Daiso Vermillion Calligraphy Ink 35 ml

3) Moon Palace Sumi Ink 180 ml

4) Dr. Ph Martin's Bleedproof White

5) Kuretake Calligraphy Ink - 60 ml - Gold

6) Moon Palace Vermillion Ink 120 ml

7) Kuretake Calligraphy Ink - 60 ml - Silver

8) Moon Palace Gold Ink 60 ml

9) Moon Palace White Ink 70 ml

10) Daiso Sumi Ink 180 ml

11) Moon Palace Sumi Ink 60 ml

12) Yasutomo Vermillion Sumi Ink 2 oz

PRETTY IN PINK - need a gift for someone who loves pink? these products are perfect for her!

In this photo: (click to go to the product page)

1) Leather Pen Case

2) Pilot Iroshizuku Mini 15 ml

3) Filed Pen Wrapper

4) Leather Pen Roller

5) Pentel Art Brush Pen

6) Kuretake Zig Cocoiro

7) Faber Castell Pitt Artist Brush Pen

8) Tombow Pit Slide Adhesive Tape Roller

9) Kuretake Zig Brush Writer

10) Monami Plus Pen S 

BRUSH PENS GALORE - so many different brush tips (soft, hard, super fine, fine, medium) to choose from below

In this photo: (click to go to the product page)

1) Kuretake Zig Brush Writer

2) Pentel Fude Touch Sign Pen

3) Akashiya Brush Pen Koto

4) Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen - Twin Tip - Gray & Black Ink

5) Pilot Pocket Brush Pen

6) Kuretake Irotoridori Brush Pen

7) Kuretake Tegami Letterpen

8) Zebra Brush Pen

9) Pilot Futayaku Double Sided Brush Pen

10) Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen Brush

11) Kuretake Bimoji Brush Pen

12) Sailor Profit Brush Pen

13) Kuretake Zig Cocoiro

14) Akashiya Sai Watercolor Brush Pen

15) Monami Plus Pen S

16) Sailor Maki-e Brush Pen

17) Kuretake Cambio Brush Pen

18) Pilot Petit3 Mini Fude Brush Pen

PEN SETS - we just can't have one color right? hoard away!

 In this photo: (click to go to the product page)

1) Tombow Dual Brush Pen - 10 Pen Set - Retro

2) Too Copic Multiliner 9 Piece Set

3) Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen Sepia Box of 4

4) Kuretake Fudebiyori Pocket Color Brush Pen - 12 Color Set

5) Tombow Dual Brush Pen - 10 Pen Set - Jewel

6) Akashiya Sai Watercolor Brush Pen - 5 Autumn Color Set

7) Wink of Stella Glitter Marker 6 pc Set

8) Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen Black Box of 6

9) Pentel Fude Touch Sign Pen Set

10) Kuretake Zig Fudebiyori Metallic Brush Pen - 6 Color Set

11) Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen Sanguine Box of 4

12) Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen Studio Box 12

13) Tombow Dual Brush Pen - 10 Pen Set - Primary

EXPLORE WATERCOLOR - a portable/travel watercolor, watercolor palette, brush bucket, 4x6 watercolor paper, and a waterbrush are just some of the essentials.

In this photo: (click to go to the product page)

1) Maruman Vifart S24V F4 Sketchbook

2) Kuretake Gansai Tambi 12 color

3) Pentel Brush Bucket

4) Sakura Watercolor Brush Set (3 sizes)

5) Sakura Talens Watercolor 24 Color Set

6) Sakura Watercolor Palette

7) Kuretake Waterbrush

8) Pentel Aquash Waterbrush

9) Holbein Artists Watercolor Set

10) Finetec Pearl Watercolor Paint 12 Color Set

11) Canson Montval Aquarelle 185g Watercolor Pad 12 sheets (4x6")

12) Watercolor Paper Sampler Set B 300gsm (20 pcs)

13) Yasutomo Sumi-E Metallic Red Gold Porcelain Pan

STORE IT! - organize your pens in these cute cases and rollers

In this photo: (click to go to the product page)

1) Lihit Lab Pen Case

2) Thimblecap Pencil Case

3) Staedtler Leather Pen Case

4) Canvas Pen Roller

5) Leather Pen Roller

6) Thimblecap Long Pencil Case

7) Leather Pen Case

BLACK TO BASICS - simple but classy

In this photo: (click to go to the product page)

1) Black Paper A5 Notebook 20 sheets

2) Mnemosyne N196 (B6) 7 mm ruled

3) Platinum Carbon Desk Fountain Pen - Super Fine

4) Pilot Petit1 Mini Fountain Pen - Fine Nib

5) Pentel Tradio Pulaman Fountain Pen - Black Body - Black Ink

6) Leather Pen Case

7) Sailor Profit Brush Pen - Medium


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