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Product Review: Yasutomo Pearl Watercolor

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There are so many types of calligraphy inks out there. However, did you know that you could use watercolor paints as inks for dip pen calligraphy? All you have to do is gather the supplies needed, as seen in the picture above, and follow the easy steps in the video below. 

This watercolor is metallic so it is amazing to use for creating shiny, shimmering, and splendid calligraphy pieces! It is fun to use and it gives off an elegant finish to your works. Make simple words appear profound with this metallic watercolor paint!

The great thing about watercolor paints is that it is very versatile – you can use it for both dip pen calligraphy and of course, watercolor calligraphy.

For this product review, we are going to try the Yasutomo Pearl Watercolor on different kinds of paper: black, brown/kraft, and white paper for dip pen calligraphy, and on watercolor paper for watercolor calligraphy.


First up, we have the black paper. Being one of the most common combinations to use, it is unsurprising to note that the metallic watercolor and the black paper go well together.

Although the pigment color of this paint is green, it appears silver because of the silver pearlescentthat is present in it, which gives the paint its shiny appearance.


Next, we have the brown paper, also known as a kraft paper for some calligraphers. Although this type of paper is not common for metallic inks, it is great to use if you want to achieve a rustic look.


The paint on the brown paper shows off the real color of the Yasutomo Pearl Watercolor. With a rustic look, this combination surely shows the beauty of the watercolor. The embossed texture formed after the paint dried is also a great thing to take note of.


Third, we have the white paper. If you want to polish off an elegant look, then this metallic and white combination is the perfect one to use. Unlike the black and brown paper, this white one does not provide a background that makes the calligraphy written on it clear and crisp with just one look.


Although the calligraphy written with this silvery green Yasutomo Pearl Watercolor on a white paper may not entirely look clear enough to read, it is very elegant when seen against the light, as the paint is pearlescent. 


Lastly, we have watercolor paper for watercolor calligraphy. The white paper used is a 200 gsm (grams per square meter) Canson Watercolor Paper and the black one is a paper from a 200 gsm black calligraphy pad.

Like how this watercolor is used on a white and black paper for dip pen calligraphy, the same effects can be seen for watercolor calligraphy. The great thing about using this paint for watercolor calligraphy is that it flows smoothly with the right consistency and is easier to use.


Indeed, there are other products that also offer shimmering inks. Here is a comparison of a similar type of metallic watercolor paint, which is the No. 90, 91, and 95 metallic colors from the Zig Kuretake Gansai Tambi 36 Colors Set. This set is also available in Pens Galore.

Shiny – No. 90 ZigKuretakeGansaiTambi

Shimmer – No. 91 ZigKuretakeGansaiTambi

Splendid – No. 95 ZigKuretakeGansaiTambi

Sparkle – Yasutomo Pearl Watercolor Green

The 90 and 91 colors are both shades of gold while the 95 and the Yasutomo show off a silver luster. As said before, although the pigment of the Yasutomo Pearl Watercolor used in this review is green, it appears to be silvery on a black paper. Compared to the No. 95 ZigKuratakeGansaiTambi, it could be seen that the Yasutomo Pearl Watercolor made the words pop out more. All of these metallic watercolors are similar in terms of the flow while writing. They are only different in terms of cooling time, wherein the ZigKuretake colors cool much faster than the Yasutomo Pearl Watercolor. It is an advantage for the Yasutomo Pearl Watercolor, as you don’t have to wet the pan again and again.

Although using watercolor paints may somewhat be a hassle compared to a ready made calligraphy ink, we believe that using these paints can bring out the fun side of calligraphy. Now who wouldn’t want that?

Yasutomo Pearl Watercolor is available in other colors such as Blue, Purple, and Silver. Check it out here !


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